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Salt Chlorine Generators - Jandy

Salt Chlorine Generators | JandyWith the new Ei model, Jandy presents us with the first salt water sanitation system that installs without plumbing cuts. Jandy chlorine generator systems are compact and self-contained; making them easy to use and better to own. In addition to the Ei series, Jandy also offers the AquaPure system. Both are designed to make pool ownership and pool maintenance a breeze.

The AquaPure salt chlorine generation system allows for automatic control and monitoring of both pool and spa sanitation. With the Jandy AquaPure salt chlorine generator, ordinary salt is used to generate free chlorine for your pool and spa. Salt in the pool passes through the AquaPure cell and gets converted to free chlorine that continuously kills bacteria and algae while simultaneously maintaining and monitoring sanitation levels in the pool.

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How Do Salt Water
Chlorinators Work?

A salt chlorine generator will keep your pool water clean by converting the salt to chlorine. This process is achieved through electrolysis and causes the salt to separate into sodium and chloride which creates hypochlorous acid that keeps your pool clean.

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