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Contact us with all of your salt water pool, salt system, and chlorine generator questions. We have the answers. Whether you just need a better understanding of what a salt chlorine generator is and what it does, or you need to know how to install a pool salt system, give us a call.

You may have questions about which is the perfect salt chlorinator for your pool. The leading chlorinators of the typical saltwater pool system may seem to be made the same, but that does not mean that they are made equally well. We know the strengths and weaknesses of every brand and as your salt water pool system experts; we can put you on the right track and guarantee that you will enjoy your pool for a long time to come!

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How Do Salt Water
Chlorinators Work?

A salt chlorine generator will keep your pool water clean by converting the salt to chlorine. This process is achieved through electrolysis and causes the salt to separate into sodium and chloride which creates hypochlorous acid that keeps your pool clean.

Salt Chlorinator