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saltwater pool system
salt water pool
salt water pool system

Saltwater Pool SystemWe specialize in converting chlorine pools to saltwater pools. Converting your pool to saltwater will not only be better on your budget, it is also better for your body. Let us help you make the transition to a saltwater pool system.

Salt Water Pool Systems - Chlorine Generator

Salt water pools are the pools of the future and they are available today. Salt water pools contain only a teaspoon of salt per gallon, about one-twelfth that of seawater. As a result, the water in a salt water pool does not taste salty. It’s friendly to the environment, saves money, and swimmers love the soft, silky water. Like natural tears, there is no eye irritation and, without the addition of store-bought tablets or liquid, the pungent chlorine odor is a thing of the past.

The addition of a pool salt system will not require any changes with your existing pool equipment. The salinity levels required for modern systems are perfectly safe for all pumps, filters, and sweepers. They work well in gunite pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl pools. What’s more, the use of a salt water pool system protects the environment because you will no longer need to purchase, transport, or store corrosive chlorine products. A swimming pool is a considerable investment and the soft, clean water will enhance the look and value of your pool for many years to come. On this site, you can learn about the following facets of a salt system:

Salt Water Pool System

Chlorine vs Salt Water PoolsChlorine vs Salt Water Pools

  • Saltwater systems pay for themselves by eliminating the need to buy buckets of chlorine
  • Saltwater is much kinder to your skin
  • Saltwater systems require much less maintenance
  • Salt pools are more friendly to the environment


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How Do Salt Water
Chlorinators Work?

A salt chlorine generator will keep your pool water clean by converting the salt to chlorine. This process is achieved through electrolysis and causes the salt to separate into sodium and chloride which creates hypochlorous acid that keeps your pool clean.

Salt Chlorinator